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Butterfly Filigree Women's Earrings, Oxidized 925 Sterling Silver

Butterfly Filigree Women's Earrings, Oxidized 925 Sterling Silver

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Our filigree women's earrings are made of 925 sterling silver. Specially oxidized to achieve the authentic look. Weight; 5.4g Size: approx 4cm x 2.5cm

Our company started its activities in 2019, has recently decided to open the silver jewelery which is produced highly qualified and in a unique style with the filigree technique at the local level, to the world markets and has started its activities for this purpose.

Researches by archaeologists reveal that silver jewelry has been accepted as an indispensable product since ancient times. Again, researches reveal that people have produced ideas on silver jewelry and produced different techniques for jewelry making throughout history. One of the most striking of these techniques is the filigree technique. Filigree is a jewelry production technique dating back centuries, where silver is specially processed by hand and preferred by women as a monument of elegance and beauty.

Since the delicacy required by these types of jewelry does not allow the products to be made only through mass production, these products maintain their characteristic of being original products where handicraft, skill and experience are reflected on the jewelry.

Our products are produced very successfully based on this production technique, in which historical knowledge, experience and individual talent play an important role.

We believe that you will notice these qualities of our products and you will be very satisfied with them.

Our products are made of 925 sterling silver, you can call it wire wrapped earrings jewelry. They are really unique and handmade jewelry. These are so dainty and delicate earrings.

Many people find it difficult to find a gift for mom; mom, grandma, girlfriend, wife birthday gift or a friend gifts. You can buy our products, which is generally the best gifts for her.

We assure you that our products will be very stylish and suitable gift for her.

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