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Floral green Stone Filigree Jewelery Set Earrings, Necklace, Ring 925 Sterling Silver

Floral green Stone Filigree Jewelery Set Earrings, Necklace, Ring 925 Sterling Silver

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Tthis mesmerizing Filigree Jewelry Set, handcrafted from luminous 925 sterling silver. Each piece, from the captivating earrings to the statement pendant, features intricate details whispered by skilled artisans, exuding timeless elegance and a touch of bohemian spirit.

Where Tradition Meets Modernity:

    • Crafted with genuine 925 sterling silver for enduring quality and a captivating shine.
    • The specially oxidized finish highlights the intricate filigree patterns, offering a unique and enchanting vintage-inspired aesthetic.
    • Each piece is meticulously hand-cast, drawing upon years of artistic expertise to create heirloom-quality treasures you'll cherish for generations.

A Symphony of Delicate Details:

    • The set features graceful earrings (5. 4g) adorned with intricate filigree swirls, measuring approximately 1. 9cm x 3. 2cm for a touch of delicate movement.
    • The statement ring (7. 8g) boasts a captivating filigree design spanning approximately 3cm x 2cm, making it a bold and unforgettable piece.
    • The captivating pendant (5. 4g) hangs from a shimmering chain (2. 2g), showcasing intricate filigree details within its 3cm x 2cm frame.

A Timeless Gift for You or Someone Special:

    • This versatile set seamlessly transitions from everyday wear to special occasions, adding a touch of vintage charm and bohemian spirit to any outfit.
    • The intricate filigree design makes this set a meaningful gift for yourself or someone special, symbolizing artistry, tradition, and timeless elegance.
    • Each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind, crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail by skilled artisans.

Embrace the captivating allure of handcrafted artistry. Order your Filigree Jewelry Set in Sterling Silver today!

Additional Notes:

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    • I removed the repeated information about the silver and darkening process.
    • I focused on the unique details and characteristics of the set, such as the intricate filigree design, vintage aesthetic, and handcrafted nature.
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