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Händel - Oboe Concertos, Op. 3

Händel - Oboe Concertos, Op. 3

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George Frideric Handel's Oboe Concertos, Op. 3, are a collection of six concertos for oboe and orchestra. They are some of Handel's most popular and well-loved works, and they have been performed and recorded by countless musicians over the centuries.

These concertos are characterized by their beautiful melodies, their inventive harmonies, and their virtuosic solo writing. Handel was a master of the concerto form, and he was able to showcase the oboe's full range of expressive possibilities in these works.

This CD features a performance of the Oboe Concertos by the Academy of Ancient Music and soloist Alfredo Bernardini. The Academy of Ancient Music is a leading ensemble for the performance of historically informed music, and they use period instruments and performance practices to bring Handel's music to life. Bernardini is a world-renowned oboist, and he delivers a stunning performance of these concertos.

This CD is a must-have for any fan of Handel's music, or for anyone who appreciates beautiful and expressive music.

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